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Board of School Commissioners


Excellence in education for every child at every level by focusing on quality instruction, managing systems efficiently, and sustaining a culture of excellence 


Every student will graduate ready to achieve excellence in higher education and the global workforce 

Board vacancies

Dự đoán xổ số nhãnMayor Bernard C. “Jack” Young is seeking candidates to serve on the Baltimore City Board of School Commissioners ("Board"). The Board is responsible for raising the level of academic achievement of the students in the Baltimore City Public School System, improving the management and administration of the city’s public school system, and is held accountable for the academic achievement of the public school students in Baltimore City.

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Board policies

Dự đoán xổ số nhãn

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Board meetings

  • All students will achieve high standards and annual growth that lead them to graduate, prepared to be independent, creative, contributing members of society.  
  • All students will benefit from transformational leadership at all levels of the organization that ensures the success of district initiatives and sustains a culture of excellence that leads to academic success.   
  • All students will learn in environments that embody a culture and climate of excellence, mutual respect and safety.    
  • All students will benefit from increased family and community engagement that builds resources and opportunities for student success.    
  • All students will benefit from predictable, reliable, transparent management processes and systems that build internal and external trust and contribute positively to school outcomes.
  • All students will benefit from great schools that meet the needs of students and communities.    
  • City Schools will have quality curricula and instruction that provide rigor, engage students, raise the bar and deliver targeted interventions to increase learning.
  • City Schools will create an environment where staff find meaning and feel supported in the pursuit of improved student achievement, and will excel in recruiting, developing and retaining highly effective staff at all levels.
  • City Schools will have a respectful culture and climate and a collaborative environment that supports student achievement, with high-quality, modernized facilities that show respect for staff and students.
  • City Schools and all schools will partner with families, communities, and the public and private sectors to foster shared ownership of schools and to collectively create opportunities for student success, and will more deeply engage parents in their students' learning.
  • City Schools will be good stewards of the district resources and provide excellent customer service through innovative, integrated, responsive management practices.
  • City Schools will increase the portfolio of great schools of all types at all levels and in all areas of the city, providing all families attractive options, bolstering public confidence and strengthening the contribution of public schools to the city's success.
Five-year strategic plan

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